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    Incorporating at the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011? It May Be Too Late!

    This is the time of the year when we see financial stress multiplied, and it can be avoided.

    If you are looking to form an LLC (most popular) or corporation in the month of December or by the start of the year (a big mistake to start at that time), keep the following points in mind:

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    Confidence While You Are Financially Struggling?

    Certainty is the #1 resource for success. History is full of stories and lessons when people have been down and out and have overcome incredible odds to win or create a huge success. Whether it was Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey to … Perhaps you may feel that way with your current business in this economy. The banks last year decided to take over $2 TRILLION out of the consumer credit market in 2009-10. This has made it much more difficult for small business owners (who still mostly self-finance their business with their personal credit cards) to purchase your products and services. No longer can most small business owners afford to waste time or money. You need results.

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    Management & Compliance Responsibilities for Your Corporation or LLC

    Now that you have a separate legal entity, whether a corporation or LLC, it is important to operate it properly. You do not want to ignore the corporate existence because if you do and go to court, your legal entity may be ignored and you may be held personally liable. You do not want that to happen. When you form the separate legal entity it provides a layer of protection between your business and personal assets. That is why the corporation or LLC will obtain a separate Tax ID number, have a separate business license. It is a separate legal entity from you. A corporation can do everything you can do, except act or think. It will “act and think” through corporate (LLC) formalities. That refers to director and shareholder (manager and member) meetings, notice of meetings, minutes, and resolutions on important corporate decisions made by the company. Even if you are a one-person corporation or LLC, yes, you have to have a meeting as your capacity or title of the separate legal entity. I know it sounds like having a meeting with yourself to make a decision sounds like you are one step away from a trip to your psychiatrist’s office, but remember, you have to document your decisions in your capacity.

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    Tips on Forming the Best Entity for Your Business!

    I wanted to give you more detail to help you make an informed strategic decision about how to protect your business.  There are several points to keep in mind which will help us determine the best plan for you as we help you form an entity (or entities*) to protect your business: Continue reading →

    “The 22-Minute Business Transformation”? This guy has the MIDAS TOUCH…Meet the man with the Midas Touch…

    Here’s a short video you’ll definitely want to watch right away…

    It’s called, “The 22-Minute Business Transformation”


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