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    Tips to Protect Your Intellectual Property

    When it comes to protecting your assets, most think about forming a separate legal entity to separate their business and personal assets. That is one step. Then what comes to mind is forming a separate entity to separate risk and safe assets. That is the second step. After that comes the strategies to separate your business into more than one entity so you do not “put all your eggs” in one basket. Subsequently is the step to evaluate the ownership of your entities to determine that if you were sued personally would you lose control of your entities that control your businesses and safe assets.

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    The Best Ways to Attract More Customers Right Now!

    In today’s economy bringing in more customers (or clients) is a key to your business success, or is it?

    Why would I say, or is it? Of course the more customers (or clients) you bring in your business will grow. That is making a couple of assumptions:

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