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    The One Skill You MUST Master to Dramatically Skyrocket Your Profits in 2010 and Beyond!!

    Join me and my team of trainers and coaches for three business life-changing days in Las Vegas as we mentor you in the most powerful marketing strategy to put massive profits in your business.

    Is this event for you?

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    On a tight budget? Looking to maximize your lead generation marketing budget in 2010?

    Are you Leveraging Your Marketing Dollars? What Does it Really Cost You to Bring in a New Customer? Example: You are doing a direct mail lead generation campaign.  Let’s say the mailing cost you $2,000 per thousand. Let’s say you get a 4% response (actually a very good response with direct mail). That’s 80 leadst. Each one of those leads (not clients yet) cost you $25. Let’s say you convert 10% of your leads to clients. This means you did not convert 90% of your prospects! You actually “wasted” $1,600 on those leads. This of course comes out of profits!

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    Are You Really Protected?

    Being the start of the year, did you decide it was easier to operate as a sole proprietorship?  Did you get too busy to incorporate and perhaps you are  entrenched in day-to-day business life.  I do encourage you, however, to protect yourself by moving your incorporation strategic planning up in priority on your “to-do” list.

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    Tips on Forming the Best Entity for Your Business!

    I wanted to give you more detail to help you make an informed strategic decision about how to protect your business. There are several points to keep in mind which will help us determine the best plan for you as we help you form an entity (or entities*) to protect your business: Continue reading →

    Sole Proprietorship Horror Stories to Avoid!

    Have you incorporated your business yet? My concern for you, however, is that you have instead decided to start your business as a sole proprietorship.  I feel a great responsibility to share the possible consequences if you chose this route.

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