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    Protecting Your Assets During a Credit Crisis!

    By Scott Letourneau, CEO of Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.

    As the economy continues to crumble all around us…I like most hope it gets better but with the credit card industry likely to become the next full scale foreclosure crisis, hurting banks even more, and limiting the consumers ability to purchase…I see us in for a long road ahead before any recover happens. Consumer credit card losses alone are expected to be over $100 Billion in 2009 (it was $25 Billion in 2008).

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    How Tough Are You?

    There is uncertainty in the economy; is the government bailout helping your business?
    When the chips are down, how will you respond?

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    Which Pattern are You Running in Your Business? Low Self Esteem vs. High Self Esteem

    Low Self Esteem vs. High Self Esteem

    A key to your success is greatly interconnected to the level of self esteem you hold of yourself. Self esteem is defined as a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself.

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    Need a New Registered Agent in Nevada?

    Here is what Nevada Corporate Planners will Offer You when You Change Your Registered Agent for Your Nevada Entity to NCP (Accept nothing less)!

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    Why You Should Raise Your Prices!

    The economy is tight, business failure is high, consumers have less to spend and my advice to you is:   Raise Your Prices! You might be thinking… Scott you are crazy! I can’t do that especially when people and business owners are tight, I will lose business!

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