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    Listen to Fast Business Credit and Nevada Corporate Planners CEO, Scott Letourneau as he is interviewed by Jordan Goodman on The Money Answers Show!

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    The #1 Secret of Credit Bureaus!

    Want to know the #1 secret of Credit Bureaus?

    Credit Bureaus Are in Business to Make Money.

    Every one of the major credit reporting agencies or credit bureaus; TransUnion, Experian and Equifax, are independent businesses. They are, at their core, the largest list broker services in the nation; which means that they sell consumer information, and not just in the case of credit reports. They sell qualified lists. They’re the largest list brokers in the nation.

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    Want to know how Merchant Account Cash Advance Lending works?

    First make sure, you work with the right company when utilizing a merchant account cash advance!

    On a good month, the money is paid back a little bit faster. But in a slower month, it will be paid back a little bit slower.

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