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    U.S. Company FAQs

    When you are forming a U.S. company there are some important FAQs (frequently asked questions) you should be asking and here they are for you:

    • Which entity is best to operate in the U.S.? Is it an LLC (limited liability company). If so, do you know how it is taxed? There are three options for you if outside the U.S. There are several factors that must be discussed including your gross revenue and net profits, goals with those profits, are partners involved, tax treaty with your country…

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    4 Steps to Build Your Business Credit Profile with Dun & Bradstreet®

    You know how important your personal credit score is to your financial life. Your personal credit score can affect everything from loans to insurance rates to employment opportunities. What you may not realize is that your business credit score is JUST as IMPORTANT to your business. The business credit score, and more importantly, the rating, can affect everything from loans, interest rates, vendor credit amounts, vendor approvals, even partnership opportunities (one of Wal-Mart’s first steps to qualify to be a vendor is to check out the business credit score and rating for your business).

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    The Funding Blueprint

    Securing funding to grow your business whether at the start or at any stage in business is a must to stay in the game. Once you understand the component of the funding blue print you are able to win the funding game!

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    Is Your Business Screaming For An IRS Audit?

    The trends are clear – the IRS is targeting more small businesses for audits and they’re denying deductions left and right.  Sole proprietorships are especially at risk. I have confirmed with my CPA networks that there is a huge risk to continue to operate as a sole proprietorship. Our CPA contacts are also recommending that you should get off schedule C in 2014 ASAP.

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    Attention: Sole Proprietorships

    Have you updated your goals for 2014? If the outcomes you’re looking forward to this year include making more money, gaining more clients, boosting your profits, cutting your taxes or attracting lucrative joint venture partnerships…

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