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    Is Your Business Screaming For An IRS Audit?

    The trends are clear – the IRS is targeting more small businesses for audits and they’re denying deductions left and right.  Sole proprietorships are especially at risk. I have confirmed with my CPA networks that there is a huge risk to continue to operate as a sole proprietorship. Our CPA contacts are also recommending that you should get off schedule C in 2014 ASAP.

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    Attention: Sole Proprietorships

    Have you updated your goals for 2014? If the outcomes you’re looking forward to this year include making more money, gaining more clients, boosting your profits, cutting your taxes or attracting lucrative joint venture partnerships…

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    Are Your Assets & Business Totally Protected Going into 2014?

    Do You Need to Form Another Entity in January to Really Protect Your Assets?
    Or, Are You Starting Another Business?

    As another year comes to an end, we hope yours was successful.

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    NEW U.S. Business Startup Packages

    Are you considering forming a U.S. business? Already have an entity but need a REAL address? Need a U.S. bank account and don’t have time to travel to the U.S.? For any of these situations and more, NCP is here to help with NEW U.S. Nevada business startup packages.

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    Discover the U.S. Tax Responsibilities when a Non-Resident Forms a U.S. Entity

    Forming a U.S. entity will trigger U.S. tax returns required for your business. This may include both a federal return, such as a 1065 for an LLC taxed as a partnership, and a 1040NR on the partners (if individuals) or 1120F or 1065 if a foreign corporation or partnership is the owner of the U.S. entity. There are several other reporting and U.S. tax filings requirements*.  The key is to work with a company that will send you timely e-mails throughout the year to remind you of the U.S. tax requirements and a referral to the U.S. CPA firm we work with to make sure you are compliant with U.S. taxes and your countries tax treaty. You may also want to look for a company that has a tax and bookkeeping training programs to help you stay on top of your U.S. tax situation.

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